Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fiery Flash Timer

Fiery Ideas flash timer

This handy site lets you easily create a countdown timer, with different selections for background music. Great for tests and quizzes with one exception … it’s so neat it’s a little too distracting!

The first time you use it, kids are liable to just watch IT instead of working on their activity! (The balloon grows and grows until it hits the pin and then there’s a thunderous explosion!)

From NCS-Tech blog

Until next time ~ Danita

GrammarMan Comics

Grammarman, a comic by Brian Boyd, a teacher in Thailand.

These delightfully produced strips are fun AND educational.

You can read the comics, listen to them, or watch them as a YouTube movie. Each one contains errors to be discovered and some are pretty tricky!

This is definitely an upper middle-school activity. The comics are funny and effective! Kids will proofread them voraciously!

The site is loaded with lots of other free resources including links to related sites and even a blackline master template for your students to try creating their own Grammarman strip on paper.

From NCS-Tech blog

Until next time ~ Danita