Saturday, December 29, 2007

SpellingCity makes practicing for spelling tests fun.

To get started, you should:

1. Tell your students about this site as the best way to practice for their tests.

2. Print out spelling games with your lists such as UnScramble & WordSearch.

3. Save your spelling lists on the site so they are ready for your students to practice with. To save your lists, you start by registering (which is totally free) above.

4. Put a link on your classroom's or school's website so this site is easily accessible to your students.

Until next time ~ Danita


JohnE said...

Hello Danita. Glad you found a job in instructional tech that you can love. And that you like our site. Did you notice the new matching spelling game that went up this week? We're still tweeking it. SpellingCity should get a major new feature every month so stay tuned.

JohnE said...

Hi, We've been busy at SpellingCity. There is a new matching game that really helps kids learn their spelling words. In addition to putting up your own lists, we now have thousands of other lists that you can access. For instance, here are some vocabulary lists from Classic Literature:

Classic Literature

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Call of the Wild
Canterbury Tales
David Copperfield
Diary of Anne Frank
Gulliver’s Travels